Why you should bring your own bags to the grocery

Main supermarket grocery chains are re-thinking just “giving” plastic bags out to shoppers as in past decades. They are now encouraging you to be your own recyclable bag to the counter.

The trouble with plastic bags is that they are not durable enough to be recycled again and again.

The toxic material they are made from is often weak allowing your daily shopping produce to fall out into a great big mess onto the floor.

There are multiple reasons why you should bring your own printed grocery bags to the grocery store. According to a Wall Street Journal publication, it is estimated that a hundred billion plastic bags are consumed each year just in the United States alone. We live in such a disposable society. The majority of the used plastic bags go to landfill, and some usually find their way into rivers, bushlands or the sea, where animals can be harmed by either ingesting them or getting entangled and trapped in them.

More alarmingly, when thinking about animals is that plastic bags take on average of one hundred to two hundred years to decompose. Sadly, an estimated one million birds plus thousands of turtles and dolphins die each year after ingesting plastic bags floa16ting around in the ocean.

The use of eco-friendly bags is definitely becoming the mainstream. In fact, our world deserves better. If we can make disposable plastic bags a “taboo thing” just like indoor smoking bans, then there won’t be such a problem with effective enforcement costs becoming too high. Society would just frown upon the use of plastic bags. You are urged not give into the tragedy of the commons.

Colourful tote material bags are fast becoming the designer fashion item. Bringing your own tote shopping bag not only allows you to accessorize your shopping outfit, but it also saves you the ridiculous need to accumulate a cupboard full of plastic bags at home. It frees up space in your home, cleans up space in our natural environment all because of the simple habit of keeping a few re-usable, more attractive bags tucked neatly and conveniently into the trunk of your car.

Nevertheless, it’s a shocking site to see plastic bags stuck in the fences on the side of the freeway. It’s easy to have a gust of wind blow the bags right out of your hands. With fewer people using them, there is less of a risk on our environment. Plastic bags also contain petroleum. Another reason to get rid of them is to lower the consumption of our shrinking oil reserves and decrease the use of paper so that we don’t cut down so many trees. Disposable bags really do add a massive strain on our natural resources plus harm the wildlife and fauna. Did you know only one percent of plastic bags are recycled in the United States?

A more economic reason for the reusable bags is the end result to the shopping consumer’s hip pocket. In the past grocery retailers have indirectly charged shoppers for the cost of disposable plastic bags that they “give out” at the checkout. The cost is just hidden in your grocery bill, so you aren’t aware of it. Retailers actually do pass this type of sneaky cost onto the consumer. Why don’t you bring your own bag so we can get discounted groceries in the near future?