Changing the name on your social security card

Did you know that Social security card names can be changed? There are many reasons as to why people change names. Maybe you got married and would like to adopt your partner’s name. Don’t worry. You are allowed to do so. This nation has laws and regulations that are meant to suit our needs. Flip further to get acquainted with the steps to follow as you strive to change the name on your Social Security Card.

The documents

You will be asked to produce documents that prove your identity, US citizenship, age, and a proof of your name change. A US birth certificate, US driver’s license, School Identity card or a US Passport would do for US citizens’ identity proof. US citizens not born in the country will have to produce a Certificate of Naturalization or a Certificate of Citizenship. Regardless of which service you use, the requirements are the same, just like at

Proof of name change

It’s necessary that you provide original documents that prove you have changed your name within the last two years. These are:

A Marriage Certificate- A Divorcee decree- A Court order that confirms and approves your name change- A Certificate of Naturalization that shows the newly assigned name- For children, the parent or guardian should have an amended Birth Certificate with the new name, an adoption decree with the new name or a court order that confirms and approves the name change.

Making the application

The process requires applicants to fill a form. It’s the same as the form that is used for replacement of lost or misplaced cards.How do you access the forms? There are three most common ways. These are

Here, you download the form and print it.- Request the form from the Social Security Administration office by calling the number 800-772-1213. It will be sent to your mail address.- Collect it at a Social Security Administration office

Appropriate Signature

Since the procedure involves altering your identity details, proper signing is needed. Fill the form and sign at the end. Ensure it’s your valid signature. Underage applicants are allowed to sign theirs or the parents/guardians can do it on their behalf. If a parent or guardian signs for a child, they should indicate it on the form. This is done by making a tick in a specified box on the form. The relationship to the child should be noted.

Submitting the form

The next step is submitting the application. Ensure you have all the required documents and the application form as well. The documents should be original ones. Photocopies aren’t allowed. They will be rejected.

You may opt to send by mail or personally take it to their office. Wait for your card with new details. This usually takes 10-14 business days.

For a smoother exercise, it’s imperative that you note down the documents required. This should be according to your US citizenship status and age. Gather the required documents and safely pack them. The form should be accurately filled. The final submission should be accompanied by all the documents. This way, you will not be called by Social Security offices to rectify anything.