How to get into a cybersecurity career

Cyber security is looking at a large space with the need for plenty of professionals in the year 2017. Thanks to multiple hacking and security attempts worldwide on a huge range of applications to data. True to its word the industry is growing exponentially and zooming ahead with so many new threats coming up day to day. Need for getting qualified professionals has become necessary and should for most of the companies. Eighty-two percent of IT professionals in the IT industry report a shortage of cybersecurity skills at their companies. Here we are going to analyze about spanning all education levels to help you get your start in the field.

Here there is no sure shot path or a way to work your way into working in cyber security. People come at it from subjects such as mathematics, computer science and sometimes even from non-STEM backgrounds. We all share a deep abiding interest in how the technology works about and goes. Many security gurus in the field say this is critical that you need to know exactly what you are doing and protecting what is exactly to be protected is necessary and the things that are insecure needs to be secured.

Training in General IT development and application management is a must when you begin your career as an Information Security professional at This will help you to get well versed in fundamentals of administration, the configuration of networks, database management, and coding, etc. You will get a full working idea of all real-world business operations plus a sense of IT procedures. Since you focus on one area, you get full working knowledge on one field, and you will be able to identify the threats, security issues, etc. with the system.

Many students are coming out of top universities with a master’s / bachelor degrees every year. Instead of focussing on just plain coding jobs they can think of thinking about information security and getting information security jobs as a career path. Certain universities also offer a full-time graduate degree in information and computer forensics. You need to have an undergraduate computer science/information technology degree to qualify for the graduate job.

The various IT jobs that can lead to cybersecurity careers include the following where he can join the industry as a Computer Programmer, Database Administrator, IT Technical Support, IT Customer Service, Network Engineer, Computer Support Specialist, IT Technician, Web Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Software Engineer, Network Administrator, Network Systems & Data Analyst or a System Administrator. They can all elevate their positions to better and can start looking for fresher jobs and if they have experience in experienced jobs.

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