How Much Should You Spend On A Beard Trimmer?

There is nothing as good as sporting a well groomed beard. It gives off the notion of respectability and prominence. And if you have noticed, men who have good clean shaven beards also seem to have their lives together. This is because they understand the power of perception in having a well-groomed beard. But it doesn’t mean you now have to spend most of your time in a barber shop to get that well-groomed look you want. You can easily buy a beard trimmer and create the look that best fits you.
With a beard trimmer, you can even mix and match different beard styles depending on the style you want. But how much should you spend on a beard trimmer that will deliver on the results you want? There are a number of factors you have to put in place so that you can be guided on how much you will be willing to spend at the Beard Care Shop:
1. The Brand
Let’s face it; as men, we really do like having a specific brand when it comes to electronics. We opt for brands that have proven time and time again that they can perform. And this is no different for trimmers.
Having the best trimmer helps you achieve the look that you desire. We are risk-averse and therefore do not want to go shopping for products that are new in the market and have not yet proven their mettle. So when it comes to trimmers, some of the best products in the market are Phillips, Braun, Wahl and Panasonic. These are guaranteed to provide the best results. But don’t just stick to these. You could ask your barber which brand they prefer to use.
2. Long Or Short
Beards can come in different styles. They could either be long or short. And this is something you need to put into consideration. If you opt for really short beards, then what you need is a stubble trimmer. This is able to cut the beard almost completely. But if you are really into long beards then the best for you is a trimmer with multiple guards.
These allow for multiple cuts depending on how you would want to style up. They are invariably more versatile and can trim the beards in different lengths. They can also be used to cut other body hairs. The difference with stubble and beard trimmers is that stubbles can only work optimally with short beards while beards trimmers work with both long and short. In case you were wondering.
3. Mobility
Which one would work best for you? Corded trimmer or cordless trimmer? Well we can help you make that decision. For a cordless trimmer, the benefits seem to outweigh that of having a corded trimmer. The cordless will not have you tethered to a wall, are more often than not, is water proof and thus you can run it under water.
As it is cordless, it is also easier to travel with if you are always on the move. But a disadvantage about it is that it is not as powerful as the corded. That means shaving might be a painful experience as they will not provide sufficient speed and thus may just be pulling facial hair. And there is nothing as annoying as the battery dying mid-shaving. And since it is battery-charged, that means it will be a bit more costly. So sit down and think about which is going to work best for you.
4. Wet or Dry
Some trimmers come with the option of being used in wet conditions. Like you are in the shower and decide to use it after a shower. Wet trimmers can also be used after using pre shave coconut oils for beards. These used with gel or foam to lessen the effects of skin irritation which come post shaving. The wet trimmers tend to require specific situations when being used as compared to dry trimmers. Dry trimmers can be used anywhere without any specific requirements.
You are in a hurry to go to a meeting or getting to meet someone for the first and want to make a good first impression, a dry trimmer is what you would need. The problem with it though is the post shaven skin irritations and itches that follow suit. But now there are trimmers that come with both specifications so you can choose which will give you the best results with minimal discomfort.
The market is flooded with different ranges of beard trimmers and some of these factors listed above will guide you. So look at the budget you are willing to work with and it will help you decide how much you will be willing to spend.